Customer Success Stories

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I opted to go with Bright Future Financial due to their reviews online. My representative answered all of my questions in a way that was professional and very clear and explained all my options. Everybody that helped me guided me personally and was very pleasant to speak with. I am a happy client — I can not think of a better Self Directed IRA Company!

Angie HammesAssets: Gold | Silver


I am a banker by trade and my degree is in economics, so I looked at the market with a scrutinizing eye and my heart sunk to my shoes. Last time the market had a correction I dang near lost my home and I am getting to retirement, I wanted to attempt to prevent that from occurring. I authorized a rollover to silver in my new self directed IRA and let me tell you it was handled expertly, quickly and efficiently by Bright Future Financial.

Cicero SwanAssets: Gold | Silver | Platinum | Palladium


I was floored by the amount of learning resources Bright Future financial has to offer. I’ve read everything I could possibly need in order to make a confident decision about my retirement account and more. These are my life savings we’re talking about here; I didn’t build my IRA up just to put it in the hands of incompetents. I can safely say, that the good folks here are more than up to scruff. I will be recommending my former colleagues!

Axel SchillerAssets: Silver