‘The dollar is going to fall very, very sharply,’ warns prominent Yale economist


Key Words Published: June 20, 2020 at 8:32 a.m. ET Stephen Roach, Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University AFP/Getty Images Stephen Roach, Yale University senior fellow and former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman, has a warning for U.S. dollar bulls. The prominent economist says that the era of the U.S. buck may be […]

A Crash in the Dollar Is Coming


     The period of the U.S. greenback’s “exorbitant privilege” because the world’s major reserve forex is coming to an finish. Then French Finance Minister Valery Giscard d’Estaing coined that phrase within the 1960s largely out of frustration, bemoaning a U.S. that drew freely on the remainder of the world to help its over-extended lifestyle. For […]

The US economy is officially in recession


  The Nationwide Bureau of Financial Analysis mentioned Monday that the COVID-19 disaster has formally launched the U.S. financial system right into a recession, thus ending the longest financial growth on file. Learn extra: What is a recession? Here are the basics” data-reactid=”17″ sort=”textual content”>Learn extra: What is a recession? Here are the basics enterprise […]

US yield curve steepest since 2018


Key US bond yield spread rises to highest in over two years.  Steepening of the yield curve could be attributed to hopes for economic recovery. The US treasury yield curve, as represented by the spread between the 10- and two-year yields, expanded or steepened to around 72 basis points on Friday to hit the highest level […]

FOMC decision: What to know in the week ahead


  The markets will face another big test this week as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) holds its two-day meeting. This month’s FOMC meeting will yield a new policy statement, updated dot plot and a summary of economic projections. Fed Chair Jerome Powell will hold a virtual press conference at the conclusion of the […]

Jim Cramer: Gold, dividend and medical device stocks are rate-cut buys

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said that it’s an opportune time for investors to start buying gold, high-yield and medical device stocks after the market took another dive on Tuesday.”I know I’m early, but you can’t wait until the selling ends before you start building a position,” the “Mad Money” host said.The Federal Reserve issued an emergency…

Retirement: 401( k) company match ends. What should staff member do?

Dear PeteMy employer just cut our 401k match completely. They used to match 100% of our first 6%, but now they’re contributing absolutely nothing. I keep telling my wife that if they’re not gonna match, we shouldn’t put any money in either. Can you help me to explain why to her?Darren,Raleigh, North CarolinaNo. But I…

The Devil In The Details Of Annuities

1,110 views|May 1, 2020,03:18pm EDTDavid KudlaContributorOpinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.I write about investing, retirement, & workplace savings plans. Getty Chances are that if you are approaching retirement, you have been contacted to purchase an annuity as an investment vehicle. It has been most likely marketed as a way to get “guaranteed income”…

Is There Truly A “Retirement Crisis”?

We need to take steps to improve Americans’ retirement security. Getty There has been much coverage in the media in the past few years about a “retirement crisis” – one in which Social Security goes bankrupt and retirees who haven’t saved enough money have to move in with their kids. Many articles and reports take…