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Why Bright Future Financial?

Life Expectancy (LE) Reports

Bright Future Financial distinguishes itself from competitors and serves its investors by disclosing multiple Life Expectancy reports on each policy we market. All life expectancy estimate reports provided are from third party underwriters who are licensed to provide these calculations.

Most Desirable Policies Available Today

The best policies offer the best returns for our investors. The only way to find the most desirable policies available is to review as many policies as practically possible. That is why Bright Future Financial review hundreds of millions of dollars worth of life insurance policies each month!

Independent Escrow & Trust

Investor funds are securely held in the Subscription Escrow Account administered by UMB. The Trustee manages the premium and escrow accounts and has sole signatory authority. When the life insurance policy matures, the independent trust established on the investor’s behalf is the sole named beneficiary of the death benefit. 100% of all maturity proceeds are paid directly to the investor(s) via the independent trust.

Experience & Character

Bright Future Financial believes that every investor is simply looking for sound financial advice suited to their individual needs. As you can see, our goal is to help clients build, manage and preserve financial assets through their unique fractionalized life settlements. We’re a company that believes in responsible investment management and always putting our customers first.

What are Life Settlements? life settlement is the purchase of an existing life insurance policy, by a third-party investor, for more than the cash surrender value of the policy. Originally designed for institutional and corporate investors, the life settlement market is now available to qualified individuals.

Life settlements have no correlation to stock or financial markets, oil prices, interest rates, or traditional investment classes. Investing in life settlements can offer outstanding returns while minimizing risk.

Cash Surrender Value vs. Secondary Market

Until recently, the only option a policy owner had was to surrender their policy back to the insurance company. With the advent of life settlements, an insured can now sell their policy on the secondary market for an amount much greater than its cash surrender value.

Over the last decade, life settlements have permitted seniors to sell their unneeded or unwanted policies at significantly better market values than they would have received by simply surrendering the policy. In today’s world, where many seniors have lost significant portions of their retirement assets and income, selling their policy for substantially more than its cash value can make a tremendous difference in their lives. As an investor in this asset class, you are in fact helping seniors maintain their quality of life.

Investing in Life Settlements Can Offer
Outstanding Returns While Minimizing Risk


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Investor Returns Through Good Times and Bad

Life Settlement Performance

During 2008 Crisis

The AAP Life Settlement Index has been used to track the performance of funds implementing an investment strategy in U.S. life insurance policies (“life settlements”) and serves as a transparent benchmark for the overall life settlement market. During the most recent economic crisis, life settlements performed well against other indices, including the S&P 500 equity index, Credit Suisse’s Hedge Fund and U.S. Bonds. With no correlation to other markets, life settlements can act as a defensive strategy to reduce the overall volatility of an investor’s portfolio. 

Perhaps this is why institutional investors have invested billions into life settlements. Investors purchasing their sample of life settlements could have expected to earn an average cost-weighted internal rate of return of 12.5% per year!

During the most recent 11-year historic bull market that lasted from 2009 to 2020, the AAP Life Settlement Index also confirmed life settlement’s resilience and continued relevance during boom times.

In fact, the AAP Life Settlement Index showed that life settlements outperformed the S&P 500 during the majority of this period.

Life Settlement Performance During
The Most Recent Bull Market

Life Settlement Performance During
A 13 Year Period

Data collected by the Carlisle Management Company (shown here) beginning in 2002 showed a consistent double-digit internal rate of return (IRR) on their life settlement portfolio over a 13 year period.

And, although individual cases will vary in performance and past performance isn’t indicative of future success, Bright Future Financial’ own experience has shown that double-digit returns have been common in life settlement investments.

Bright Future Financial Has the Most Desirable
Polices Available For Investors

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What Our Investors Saying About Investing in LifeShares™

Robert S.

“I have to admit, even with the level of due diligence I did before I invested, I was still skeptical. I was very pleased to see a check, 3 years before it was supposed to be returned to me … The good news: even with that pay-in, my pay-out still averaged better than a bond I had, and a CD I had, and an annuity I had (do those annuity agents ever give a straight answer?). This was a great investment, and I have already referred friends and family to my agent.”

Jason S.

“I went to one of their dinners they had explaining about life settlement investments. After a lot of research I found this was a really smart and safe investment. If you have never looked in to life settlements you need to check it out. It is one of the best investments I have seen and were the smart money seems to be playing. It truly is low risk and I have been seeing solid returns without risking my home! Check these gentlemen out for they answered all my questions and took good care of me. I feel safe in the uncertainty that lies ahead!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone invest in life settlements?

No. California law requires that life settlements can only be sold to investors with a net worth above $250,000 — excluding their primary residence — who are not using more than 10% of their assets to buy settlements.

Q. Can I use my retirement accounts, such as an IRA or 401k to invest in your fractional Life Shares™?

We work with any self-directed IRA company of the clients choosing. These companies act as the custodian for investors with IRA/401K accounts. Upon opening an account, the investor simply transfers or rolls funds from their existing retirement account(s) into the newly established self-directed IRA account. Once funds are received, the investment is then placed in the investor’s IRA account, which then holds the investment.

Q. Are fractional life settlements the same as viatical settlements?

No. A life settlement typically refers to an insured over the age of 65 with a life expectancy of less than 13 years. These may be people who have had a significant change in their overall health, but who aren’t terminally ill. On the other hand, a viatical settlement usually applies when the insured has a life expectancy that is less than two years and is typically terminally ill. Bright Future Financial offers investments in life settlements, not viatical settlements.

Q. What is your typical annual rate of return?

Each investment varies and most investments average an expected rate of return of about 12-14% per year. Bright Future Financial offers investors a fixed return and as such, they do not receive annual payments.

Q. What Information will Bright Future Financial provide me about the policy and the insured?

California has strict laws regulating this investment and the precise disclosures made to an investor before any investment can be placed. Investors should go online or ask their representative for the sample RLS Case Summary™, which will provide them with essential information so that they can make an informed investment decision. The RLS Case Summary™ is broken down into three sections: Carrier’s Information, Insured’s Information, and Premium Escrow & Investor’s Fixed Returns.

Q. Can I invest in multiple policies?

Absolutely. Most of our investors choose to spread their investment over multiple policies with varying maturity dates, similar to how a bond portfolio is “laddered.”

Q. If I pass away before the investment pays out, do my heirs still get paid?

Yes. The fractional Life Share™ investment would pass to your heirs like any other asset you currently own.


Q. What is the minimum allowed investment?

Our minimum investment is $25,000, which can be funded with cash or retirement accounts such as an IRA (Traditional, SEP, Roth) and 401K, 403B, etc. Our office can help facilitate the transfer/rollover process.

Q. What are the functions of the “The Subscription Escrow Account,” “The RLS Trust” and “The Premium Reserve Account?”

UMB acts as the Escrow Agent and Trustee for all our fractional life settlement transactions, including, The Subscription Escrow Account, The RLSS Trust, and the Premium Reserve Account.

Q. Can I roll my annuity into this investment?

Yes, this is quite popular with our investors as many often roll their annuities into this investment. Consult your tax professional for qualifying details.

Q. Can I invest in life settlements through my CPA, financial planner, banker, or stock broker?

Very doubtful. Because this investment is an alternative asset, most CPA’s, financial planners, bankers, and retail stock brokers are not familiar with institutional life settlement investments. California investors should seek a reputable proprietary offering company with trained and licensed life agents, such as Bright Future Financial.

Q. What type of policies do we offer?

The only type of policies we offer for investment are universal life policies from highly-rated, U.S.-based, Legal Reserve life insurance companies such as Pacific Life, AXA, and John Hancock to name a few.

Q. How does Bright Future Financial make money?

Bright Future Financial charges no fees or loads. Rather, our margin is realized between what we raise from our investors and our total costs in a policy.

Q. Do you provide a Verification of Coverage from the life insurance company showing the policy I am invested in is in force?

Upon request, UMB will provide any investor with a Verification of Coverage from the life insurance company showing that the policy is indeed in force.

Q. When a policy matures, what happens?

Once the policy matures, UMB will file the appropriate claim with the highly-rated insurance company. The investor, who owns the beneficial interest in the policy, will receive their proportional, pre-determined share of the policy proceeds.

What Our Investors Saying About Investing in LifeShares™

John Smith

Customer Rating 5.0

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