Silver IRA

Silver IRA


What is a Silver IRA?



What exactly are you currently doing to save for retirement? It appears that Americans are struggling to build their nest egg, but did you know that an IRA can help solve this problem? Not just any IRA though, what you want to use to protect & maintain your retirement savings is a Precious Metals IRA. In 1974, the US government passed a law known as the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This legislation allowed people to start gaining tax benefits by investing pre-tax dollars through an individual retirement account (IRA). ERISA was enlarged to include the Self-Directed IRA account, which lets you invest in silver or gold. You could use this account to invest in investments like bonds, real estate, private businesses, and other metals. Silver, if contained in a retirement savings portfolio, will help diversify your portfolio and shield your assets. A plan for securing a safety net; a silver IRA can protect against stock market downturns that are inevitable. Contributing to an account by transferring or rolling over your existing IRA, Roth or 401(k) to a silver IRA will let you have the reassurance your hard earned retirement will be stable even in a volatile industry. Our experts are ready to help guard your life’s savings so call us or email us to learn how.

Why Silver?

Some folks ask the question,”What’s a better investment, silver or gold?” . They may overlook another significant metal: silver, while appeals to a lot of metals investors because of the status symbol. History has shown us that there are instances when silver is a much better investment than gold. History has proven that there are instances when silver is a much smarter move than gold while the purchase price of metals tends to behave exactly the same to the current market. When folks think of buying precious metals, they want to check out gold for its allure, but you should consider Silver as an investment for your IRA.

Ever Industrious, Ever Valuable, Ever Sought After

Silver is utilized in jewelry, electronic equipment, medicine/dentistry, industrial applications, and panels while the majority of the demand for gold comes from consumer goods and jewelry creation. There’s 200 times more gold accessible than silver despite the counter-intuitively higher cost of gold, not to mention the fact that the source of silver is diminishing. The prevalence of smart devices such as touch displays, mobile phones, and laptops has resulted in a growing demand for the metal. Users in the world’s number is expected to reach 6.1 billion by 2020, meaning that the demand for silver will continue to increase

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