Fed’s Direct Deposits Halted – Emerging Effects of Liquidity Crisis?

Direct deposits as well as other transactions were impeded Thursday by a malfunction at the Federal Reserve that has since been settled. Is this a simple system malfunction or the sign of something bigger, could we be witnessing effects of Liquidity Crisis? Financial institutions were informed on Thursday morning regarding a “disruption” in the Fed’s automated clearing […]

Fed Wants To Observe Consistent Inflation Increases Before Raising Federal Rates

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that he would certainly choose to let inflation increases as well as hold above the reserve bank’s target prior to thinking about future rate of interest walkings. In order to relocate rates up, I would certainly wish to see inflation that’s relentless and that’s substantial,” Powell stated at […]

Gold Headed To $2,000 On Fed Capitulation

The precious metals bull market is on, and I see new record highs in both gold and silver prices looming on the horizon. The fuel for this bull market will come from one word: capitulation. The U.S. central bank has officially capitulated on raising interest rates and unwinding its multi-trillion dollar balance sheet. The experts […]