Morgan Stanley Warns Of Trade War Implications

If the U.S. carries on to raise a wall of tariffs on Chinese items in the coming months and China responds, hope a worldwide recession in three quarters, Morgan Stanley said Monday. “As we check out the chance of even more escalation as substantial, the dangers to the world wide outlook are decidedly skewed to […]

China Claims U.S. Forex Manipulator Labeling Could Cause Chaos

China’s central lender said on Tuesday that Washington’s selection to label Beijing as a forex manipulator would “seriously damage intercontinental monetary buy and result in chaos in financial marketplaces”. Washington’s decision to ratchet up forex tensions on Monday would also “avert a international financial and trade recovery,” the People’s Lender of China (PBOC) reported in […]

Gold Headed To $2,000 On Fed Capitulation

The precious metals bull market is on, and I see new record highs in both gold and silver prices looming on the horizon. The fuel for this bull market will come from one word: capitulation. The U.S. central bank has officially capitulated on raising interest rates and unwinding its multi-trillion dollar balance sheet. The experts […]

Experts shook as major indicator of a recession clearest since 2007

Financial analysts were being spooked Monday as the Dow Jones Industrial Common dropped much more than 800 points and other essential stock indices plunged in the worst fall of 2019. The drop arrived amid the turmoil of President Donald Trump’s ramped-up trade war with China. China’s forex dropped to the least expensive point in a […]