Why you should invest in gold

Why Invest In Gold?

Regardless of what happens around it, be the events local or global – negligible or cataclysmic – Gold remains valuable and whole. What can gold do for your assets? If your assets ARE gold, they will retain the same characteristics AS gold. The same holds true for retirement savings invested in gold. By starting a self-directed IRA and using its funds to purchase gold, you effectively take control of your assets and protect them from economic weathering.

The Power Of The Bank

Banks were given the power to seize assets under suspicion of nefarious activity or wrong-doing. This was set in place by our government in an effort to prevent money laundering. While money laundering needs to be stopped due to the adverse effects it has on the economy, banks might not be the best authority on the matter.

We say this because 95% of assets seized by banks in an effort to stop criminal activity have come back as clean. In other words, banks almost exclusively target innocent people – albeit inadvertent or unintentional. How do you protect your retirement savings from the hooks of the bank’s grand inquisitor? By removing your assets from under their control. It just so happens that a Gold IRA will do just that.

Falter of the Dollar

Rumors and speculation have been circulating a prediction for now – one that spells doom for our national currency. Some proclaim that the United States of America’s dollar is near the brink of collapse. It’s been coming for years now, decades even. Ever since Nixon changed the dollar’s value from the gold standard to a system of supply and demand based on foreign markets and U.S. exports, the collapse of our currency has all but been assured.

For individuals unprepared, this bodes ill. If you have a retirement account, your entire savings are at the mercy of the dollar and economy. That is, unless you have your assets secured in a Gold IRA.

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